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13-06-2018, 11:42
The People’s Friend – 16.06.2018
The People’s Friend – 16 June 2018
English | 88 pages | True PDF | 21.1 MB

The People's Friend is a British weekly magazine founded in 1869 and currently published by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd. Its tagline is "The famous story magazine". The magazine is principally aimed at older women and is broadly traditionalist in outlook. Each issue contains at least six self-contained short stories and two serials (frequently more), a craft project (usually knitting or sewing) and various factual articles, one of which is a piece on a particular town. Pets, family and traditions are also common themes.

***The People's Friend - Issue 7731. Stories, serials, health, gardening, knitting, recipes, travel, and much more inside.***

Women / News and Weekly

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