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16-04-2018, 12:36
Saturday Night Live - 04.2018
Saturday Night Live - April 2018
English | 30 pages | True PDF | 7.2 MB

Saturday Night Live, the world's leading men's magazine, offers readers a cutting edge and humorous dose of what they want most in life: beautiful women, cars, gadgets, sports, entertainment, and the know-how to get ahead in the world. Quite simply, it's the modern man's guide to living the good life.

***Jarah Mariano’s sexy body in bikinis is hotter than hot. There are just a couple of reasons why I love Hawaii: papaya, with a squeeze of lime, perfect to start any day, that awesome weather all year round and… Jarah Mariano. For those you who don’t know it yet, this stunning girl is an American model of Hawaiian and Asian descent, a mix which seems like it was made in heaven.***


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