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16-08-2018, 16:56
All About Space - Is. 81 2018
All About Space – Issue 81 2018
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 61.8 MB

Every issue All About Space delivers fascinating articles and features on all aspects of space and space travel with mind-blowing photography and full-colour illustrations that bring the amazing universe around us to life.

*** WHEN BLACK HOLES TURN WHITE. This month All About Space gets to the bottom of what happens when black holes turn white. It turns out that these mysterious, high-gravity objects have a penchant for exploding, becoming their exact opposites and, rather than ‘sucking’ everything in, they blow everything out. We are, of course, talking about the white hole, and it seems that they can reveal quite a bit about the nature of the fabric of space and time. Look inside for Colin Stuart’s full report on this incredible new breakthrough in research. ***

Aviation and Space / Science

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