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2-11-2018, 20:00
Newsweek Int - 11.9.2018
Newsweek International - 9 November 2018
English | 52 pages | True PDF | 12.0 MB

Newsweek magazine is able to fill the gaps when a story has passed and is able to come up with insight or synthesis that connects the cracking, confusing digitals dots in today's fast paced news cycle. Topics regularly covered include politics and government, business and entertainment, health and nutrition, science and technology, money and culture.

***CAN US MIDEAST POLICY SURVIVE MOHAMMAD BIN SALMAN? Beaming and giving high fives was Jared Kushner, Trump’s son in- law and senior adviser, who had spent months cultivating a close relationship with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the then thirty one year-old who billed himself as a reformer ready to usher in a new era for the conservative kingdom he was entrusted to run. For the U.S., the alliance was a big bet: Saudi Arabia was unpopular at home and abroad, with the international community favoring Barack Obama’s overture toward Iran and the 2015 nuclear deal he made with it. Kushner argued that reversing course and embracing the kingdom was worth the risk. The young royal would be their man in the Middle East when it came time to make peace between Israelis and Palestinians, using his country’s regional sway to pressure Arab allies into supporting a U.S.-made deal. MBS, once celebrated by the U.S. as a visionary, has increasingly grown to resemble something of an adversary.***

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