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18-03-2017, 12:48
World of Animals - Issue 44 2017
World of Animals - March 2017
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 105 MB

A journey into nature like no other, World Of Animals allows its audience to learn the secrets to Earth’s weird and wonderful wildlife, offering a rich and wholesome educational experience. With spectacular photos, stunning diagrams and captivating features, World Of Animals provides a rare opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy their favourite creatures in a whole new way. It’s a brand that connects with audiences across the world and across media as a celebration of one of the most enduring and beloved topics.

*... top 5 most amazing animal mothers * the rarest cat on Earth * AMUR LEOPARD FIND OUT HOW IT IS MAKING a COMEBACK * why do kangaroos have pouches? Discover the unique life cycle of marsupials * go wild Explore the country’s wildlife gems in Japan * Meet the finches The bouncy birds known for their songs * Underwater wonders What is coral and why is it so important? * Feeding frenzy Six incredible species that hunt together * famous dogs Heroic canines that went down in history...*


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