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21-04-2017, 16:10
History Revealed - 05.2017
History Revealed - Issue 42 - May 2017
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 52 MB

History Revealed brings the past to life for everyone. It’s an action-packed, image-rich magazine with zero stuffiness. Each issue has a central section that takes a closer look at one of history’s big stories, such as the Wild West or Ancient Rome, telling everything you need to know. We also explore the lives of the truly famous, follow the great adventures of the past, taste the blood and thunder of battles, and look at how closely Hollywood blockbusters have told history. Plus, we answer questions about some of the more surprising and strange aspects of the past.

*... Snapshots. Take a look at the big picture * Yesterday’s Papers. The Lusitania is torpedoed * What Happened Next… Mary, Queen of Scots remarries * Richard III. See how the last of the Plantagenets has been interpreted – and misinterpreted – throughout history * Great Adventure: Apollo 11. How did we get to the Moon? * Ask the Experts. Your questions answered * How Did They do That? St Peter’s, the Vatican * On our Radar. Our pick of this month’s exhibitions, events and entertainment * Britain’s Treasures. The weird and wonderful Natural History Museum in Kensington * 1567 MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS IS MARRIED. The young Catholic monarch marries the Earl of Bothwell, a tempestuous match that leads to her downfall. Aged just 24, Mary, Queen of Scots was already on her third husband. In an event lacking the usual cheer of a royal wedding, she married the Earl of Bothwell in May 1567. It was a sombre start to a relationship that, like the ones before, was doomed to fail. * BRITAIN’S TREASURES… NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM South Kensington, London At the heart of the museum district is Britain’s best resource on the natural world, spanning billions of years of history. Walking through the opulent hallways of the Natural History Museum, you might think that this so-called ‘Cathedral of Nature’ is the epitome of the Victorian fascination with science. But the museum’s curious history goes back much farther – to the days of the dinosaurs, in fact ...*

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