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6-07-2017, 11:02
Esquire USA - 08.2017
Esquire USA - August 2017
English | 109 pages | True PDF | 28 MB

Esquire is a funny, informative, connected magazine that covers the interests of American men—all the interests of the American man: Politics, style, advice, women, health, eating and drinking, the most interesting people of our time. All that and it’s the most-honored monthly magazine in history.

*... The Big Bite. Our editors take on Bong Joon ho’s follow-up to Snowpiercer, summer’s must-reads, dating apps in the post-chivalry era, and Ford’s $450K car. * BACK TO THE FUTURE. A $450,000 vehicle that you have to apply for to own? You haven’t driven a FORD like this lately. America’s original SUPERCAR returns with a vengeance. By Kevin Sintumuang. This is the car that revenge built. Quick history: In the ’60s, Ford was in talks to purchase Ferrari, but the Italian carmaker rebuffed the deal. Supremely miffed, Henry Ford II sought to kick the prancing horse where it would hurt most by winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans, an endurance race Ferrari had dominated that decade. And so the original Ford GT was created solely for that purpose, bringing home the checkered flag in 1966, 1967, 1968, and, for good measure, 1969. The company pulled out after that, satisfied that it had delivered one of the most memorable up-yours in corporate history. * IDRIS ELBA. Saturday afternoon in late spring, and the Farmers’ Market in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood is bustling: People mill about the tents and tables, blissfully shopping for organically grown tomatoes, raw milk, and little gem lettuce. A white Range Rover pulls up and Idris Elba steps onto the sidewalk. He is dressed in black, from his loafers to the oversized beanie cocked atop his head, and from the looks of it—eyes lowered, hands in pockets—he is doing his best to go unnoticed. * Bill Maher. A few weeks before Bill Maher nearly blew up his career for the second time, a middle-aged man named Billy Martin warmed up the audience that had come to watch a filming of Real Time with Bill Maher. Martin, Maher’s head writer, stood on the L.A. soundstage where Real Time is broadcast live on Friday nights, the same one used by The Price Is Right. He asked if there were any conservatives in the audience, which skewed white and rowdy. A guy in a Tommy Bahama– style shirt raised his hand. “How was the drive up from Orange County?” Martin asked ...*

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