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20-03-2017, 10:11
Bicycling SA - 04.2017
Bicycling South Africa - April 2017
English | 92 pages | True PDF | 32 MB

Bicycling is aimed at cycling and mountain biking enthusiasts and is a popular read for everyone who has experienced the joy of cycling.

*... Buzz. The internet has killed our bike shops! Or has it? There are some things your LBS can do better than cyberspace ever will. * The One Thing That. Changed It All James Reid opens up about his big decision. * Ask Bicycling. Morning coffee not waking you up? This may be why… * Eat. The Pastry Revolution: why it’s awesome. And some good reasons to tag along. * The Fit Chick. Want to get fitter? Faster? Stronger? There’s an interval for that! * Body. God-like power quads – in one easy move. * The Coach. There are too many myths about correct pedal stroke. Here’s the truth. * In My View. Post-pregnancy, Cherise became body conscious. And then found out what’s really important. * Action Figure. Willie Smit has been through the school of hard knocks – but he’s using his ‘education’ to dominate SA road cycling. * Spread Liberally. A chamois cream is a chamois cream, or so we think. We take a deeper look at this chafe-proofing, buttprotecting stuff, and find out what makes it work – and which will work best for you ...*

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