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6-01-2017, 00:36
American Atheist - Fall 2016
American Atheist - Fall 2016
English | 48 pages | True PDF | 8 MB

American Atheists is America’s premier nonprofit organization by and for atheists. Our quarterly magazine is packed with news, articles, and essays not found on the website. Here you’ll find in-depth stories about our current legal battles, celebrity interviews, book excerpts and reviews, and articles about all aspects of atheism, including the challenge of coming out as a nonbeliever. Besides the total separation of church and state, American Atheists fights for the civil rights on nonbelievers, including the right to exist openly without stigma. These pages feature people’s true stories of coming out, as well as advice and motivation to get out of the closet if you feel trapped in it with no way out. You’ll also enjoy highly readable pieces by scholars who offer examples upon examples of historical facts that prove American was not founded as a Christian nation.

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