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20-04-2017, 12:06
Prevention USA - 05.2017
Prevention USA - May 2017
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 14 MB

Prevention USA is fresh, groundbreaking, healthy-lifestyle magazine that promises to inspire you to live and love your whole life - with energy and confidence. From health, to nutrition, to fitness, Prevention is about Smart Ways to Live Well. In every issue of Prevention you’ll find:
Health – breakthroughs you can use.
Nutrition – how to eat smart and feel great .
Beauty – your ultimate guide to looking fab after 40 .
Fitness – how to make small changes, see big results .
Mind – the latest brain-boosting know-how .
Cook — how to bring nutrition deliciously to the table.

*... Soothing Scents * 1-Minute Meditation * Prevent an Epidemic * Uterine Cancer Test * Fungi Fever * Know Your Nuts * Strengthen Your Back * Protein-Packed Salad * Problem Solved Seasonal allergies * Does It Work? Dubious skin care * Dr. Weil Protect your teeth * Dr. Low Dog Growing natural cures * Dr. Kerner Moving beyond betrayal * Good Food Healthy choices that really aren’t * Personal Journey After surviving a rare type of heart attack, Danielle Denlein has dedicated herself to helping others avoid a similar ordeal ...*

Food and Cooking / Women / Health

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