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7-03-2017, 12:59
Chip MY - 03.2017
Chip Malaysia - March 2017
English | 132 pages | True PDF | 21 MB

CHIP Malaysia is one of Malaysia's longest running IT magazines. It is famed for its detailed knowledge tools that show readers current and future trends & technologies and show they can use them effectively in this digital world. CHIP Malaysia proudly upholds the high-standards set by our international counterparts and cements CHIP's reputation of being an internationally trusted technology magazine.

*... PC Roadmap For 2017 It’s an exciting year for PC enthusiasts, with new technologies slated to appear * Local News Coverage of the latest news and events right on our shores * World Wired Web All the latest tech happenings around the world * Security Reports Monthly dose of security news * WLAN Beats LAN Once, the Ethernet cable was king. But that king is about to be dethroned * Electromobile For Everyone Only the very rich can afford e-cars, or is it really? We talk about one that’s aiming to do away with that perception * Full Speed For Every SSD Installing an SSD should be more than about plugging in some cables. Here’s how you can optimise yours * Test Lab: The Tools Test Labs’ tools of the trade * Test Lab Contents Take a pick and get started! * Reviews Professionally conducted reviews following our stringent tests and benchmarks ...*

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