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7-07-2017, 23:48
Flight International - 11.07.2017
Flight International - 11 - 17 July 2017
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Flight International (or Flight) is a global aerospace weekly publication. Founded in 1909, it is the world's oldest continuously-published aviation news magazine. With a team of journalists and correspondents around the world, it provides global coverage of aerospace manufacturing and aviation operations in the areas of air transport, business aviation, defense, general aviation and spaceflight. Features include the magazine's famous aircraft cutaway illustrations, flight tests of new aircraft, in-service reports and sector-by-sector analysis.

*... USAF races to field hypersonic missiles. Service underscores urgency of initial research effort as it targets weapon that can hit speeds of Mach 5 and above. The US Air Force has started surveying the market for new hypersonic weapons that could be rapidly integrated and fielded on its existing combat aircraft. * Canberra commits to Wedgetail fleet capability upgrade. Major update will provide E-7A aircraft with replacement sensors, datalinks and communications equipment by 2022. Australia’s Boeing E-7A Wedgetail airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) system aircraft are to undergo a mission system upgrade that will introduce “more advanced combat identification sensors, tactical data links, and communication and encryption systems”, the nation’s defence ministry says. * MC-21 sees Russia reach for the skies. The first flight of the country’s most ambitious commercial aircraft programme in 30 years opens a new era of technical, industrial and commercial opportunities – and challenges. At the moment the MC-21 rotated to take off into the southern Siberian sky on 28 May, an elated Irkut president Oleg Demchenko reached forward and with both hands gripped the shoulders of his boss, United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) president Yuri Slyusar. Both men had been waiting years for this moment – the first flight of Russia’s most ambitious commercial aircraft project in nearly 30 years. * Leveraging the Fulcrum. The MiG-35 has been a long time coming, but the latest iteration of the venerable fighter has gained significant new capabilities and could deliver export sales success. Staged 11 years after the launch of the original demonstrator, there was something anti-climactic about the official roll-out ceremony of the RAC MiG-35 on 27 January at the manufacturer’s factory in Lukhovitsy near Moscow ...*

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