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21-04-2017, 16:10
BBC Sky at Night - 05.2017
BBC Sky at Night - May 2017
English | 110 pages | True PDF | 35 MB

BBC Sky at Night magazine complements the BBC's popular and longrunning TV series, presented by Sir Patrick Moore. BBC Sky at Night magazine is the only real guide to astronomy. Every issue of BBC Sky at Night magazine brings you observing tips, star charts, buyers' guides, the latest in cosmological research, exclusive features by Sir Patrick Moore.

*... CASSINI: THE RING GRAZER. The probe’s daring swoops towards the rings of Saturn are the beginning of its end. * STARGAZING WITH A SMARTPHONE. The 15 best astro apps available right now. * In the eye of the beholder. A good astro image should be able to convey the science behind the beauty. John William Draper, an American chemist, took the first photograph of the Moon in 1840. Astrophotography has progressed in leaps and bounds since then, and especially in the past few decades. * The Sky at Night at 60 THE PRESENTERS’ VIEW. Chris Lintott. Chris Lintott tells us what it was like to work with Patrick Moore on presenting The Sky at Night, and how his inflluence on the show continues. The Sky at Night is Patrick Moore’s show. That’s still how I describe it to people even now, as we approach the 60th anniversary of its first broadcast. * Thomas H Prettyman is using NASA’s space probe Dawn to understand the formation and history of the largest asteroid INTERVIEWED BY PAUL SUTHERLAND. Ceres was the first of the asteroids to be discovered – it was spotted by Giuseppe Piazzi in 1801. Recent observations by NASA’s Dawn space probe show that water has played a major part in shaping its surface and my research is helping to find out how ...*

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