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21-04-2017, 16:11
ImagineFX - 06.2017
ImagineFX - Issue 148 - June 2017
English | 116 pages | True PDF | 50 MB

ImagineFX is the only magazine for fantasy and sci-fi digital artists. Each issue contains an eclectic mixture of in-depth workshops from the world's best artists, plus galleries and interviews, community news and product reviews.

*... Is it time you explored painting in virtual reality? Artists reveal what it takes to make the leap from 2D to VR illustration. * Artist Q&A. Advice on depicting a squinting character, shadows, foreshortening and more! * Digital Art Revolution! We present some of the best affordable, fully featured painting programs around, including Procreate, Rebelle and ArtRage. * Sketchbook: Gareth Davies. The architecture graduate turned concept artist loves doing a few armour studies… * Make colours and lighting pop. Jana Schirmer gets plenty of bang for her buck with the low-cost app Procreate. * How to get more from ArtRage 5. Illustrator Nick Harris taps into the power of the budget painting program. * How to paint your dragon. Concept artist Trent Kaniuga adds vibrant colour in SketchBook Pro. * Is it time you went virtual? In-depth art The Oculus Story Studio artists talk to Ian Dean on moving from 2D art into VR illustration. Don’t be afraid of virtual reality. That’s the message we hear from artists – 2D and 3D – who have made the leap from illustration into VR. As the technology develops, so has the accessibility of VR. The big leap came earlier this year, when artists were able to create directly inside VR. So is it time you went virtual? * make colours and lighting pop. iPad Pro in hand, Jana schirmer paints a fantasy character in Procreate, showing just how much bang for the buck you get with the low-cost app. These days, Procreate is my go-to painting app, so I was excited when I received the request to paint a cover for ImagineFX entirely in Procreate ...*

Art, Graphic and Culture / Computer / Fantasy

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