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19-04-2017, 03:58
Reader's Digest USA - 05.2017
Reader's Digest USA - May 2017
English | 138 pages | True PDF | 12 MB

Reader's Digest has been the world's biggest-selling magazine for nearly nine decades. It is also India's largest-selling magazine in English. Beneath the fun and excitement of its pages, the Digest is, above all else, a serious magazine that never loses sight of the fact that, each day, all of us confront a tough, challenging world.

*... WORDS TO LIVE (LONGER AND BETTER) BY. Science-backed wisdom to help you feel—and look—younger at any age. * WHERE THE #$% AM I? Noel Santillan wanted an adventure. Thanks to his confused GPS, he got one. * KIDS THINK THE CRAZIEST THINGS! Our Facebook friends confess their most ridiculous childhood beliefs. * HOW A VETERAN SEES LIFE. Army vet J. Mark Jackson takes stock of his post-service world. * THIS IS WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR. RD readers share stories of their best buds. * WORKING EVERY DAY AT 35,000 FEET. A pilot’s reflections on life in the sky. * THE KILLER NEXT DOOR. Josh Bond’s elderly neighbor had a shocking secret identity. * How I Grew Five Mothers. One man’s unusual maternal * The Roses of Fairhope. Rick Bragg, his mother, and her two sisters set off on a well-stocked road trip. * The Case of the Facebook Bully. Do rude comments about a high school student qualify as hate speech? * When You’re Away, the Cats and Dogs Will Play * Where the Wild Things Are in the Suburbs ...*

Art, Graphic and Culture / Family and Kids / Hobby and Leisure

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